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How to clean grout

Posted on September 23rd, 2011 No Comments

Grout can become discolored and brittle over time if mildew, moisture, and grime accumulate for too long. Cleaning it is never a fun chore, but it keeps your floors, bathrooms, and kitchens look clean and brand new. Grout can be cleaned in a few ways. For extreme grout discoloration, steam cleaners may be necessary, but […]

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Ceramic tile floors good for pet owners

Posted on July 8th, 2011 No Comments

Pet owners are often burdened with cleaning up after their pets when they have accidents. Ceramic tile floors that are glazed can be a great choice of floor for pet owners who have pets that have frequent accidents because they are easy to clean. Ceramic tile floors look great in kitchens and bathrooms and are […]

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Bleach pens can be used on grout between cleanings

Posted on May 4th, 2011 No Comments

Tile and grout can often become dirty between deep cleanings. Using a bleach pen can be a quick fix to give your tile and grout a clean appearance before it can be fully cleaned. Using a bleach pen on grout is simple and works on both white and colored grout. The first step is to […]

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60 Residents of Retirement Home Fall Ill

Posted on April 8th, 2011 No Comments

This week, more than 60 residents and employees of the North Shore Retirement Home in Evanston, Illinois reported becoming severely ill. Investigations into the illnesses found that a bacteria at the retirement home caused people to contract the Norovirus. Although the cause of the outbreak of the virus has not been made clear, it has been […]

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