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What is Dust?

Although it’s something that can be found in anyone’s home or business, most people have little idea what dust is actually made of. Some of the component parts of dust can play a role in causing severe allergic reactions, yet it is unfortunately pervasive. Only a professional cleaner can truly rid your home of the deep layers of dust hidden in furniture and carpet.

At WOW Total Cleaning, we specialize in extracting debris from carpet and upholstered furniture so that you and your family are not in danger of aggravating any dust allergies. We can also clear out your air ducts to get rid of any dust particles. For more information regarding our safe yet effective cleaning methods, contact the Arlington carpet cleaning specialists from WOW Total Cleaning today at 817-239-9441.

Components of Dust

Dust is primarily composed of dead skin cells, fibers, and dust mites. As you shed an average of 40 pounds of dust in your lifetime, it is no surprise that dust can accumulate quickly. These skin particles in turn attract dust mites. Other components of dust include:

  • Insect parts
  • Soil
  • Sand
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Mold spores

Dust Allergies

When people develop dust allergies, they are typically reacting to the dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic pests that feed on dead skin cells. As dust mites release feces and die, the protein in these body parts and waste can cause allergic reactions.

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Besides dust allergies from dust mites, people can also be exposed to asbestos, pesticides, and other health hazards. To rid your home of these dangers, please contact an experienced Arlington carpet cleaning technician from WOW Total Cleaning at 817-239-9441 today.

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