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Waxing Your Office Floors

Providing a creative and inviting office environment can be an important part of every work experience. One of the most important parts of that environment may be having clean and well-maintained floors. A clean office can make coming to work an inviting and enjoyable prospect, and, perhaps more importantly, it can send a positive message to current or prospective clients. Having clean, polished flooring, however, does require some maintenance and care.

Let WOW Total Cleaning help you to create the environment that you want in your workplace by stripping and waxing your floors. Hardwood, linoleum, and other types of flooring can benefit from a new layer of wax to keep up the feel and shine of your floors. Whether the floors in your kitchen, break room, or entire office could use some maintenance, the strip and wax experts at WOW Total Cleaning can be of service to your company. Please contact the Arlington strip and wax technicians at WOW Total Cleaning by calling 817-239-9441.

Strip and Wax

A fresh layer of wax can restore the luster of your floors by clearing out the built up dirt and debris, and restoring the original look of your floors. Having a clean environment is an important part of every person’s level of comfort. This process can be used on the following types of flooring:

  • Tile
  • Linoleum
  • Hardwood
  • Marble
  • Concrete

Contact Us

Please contact the Arlington strip and wax technicians at WOW Total Cleaning by calling 817-239-9441 for more information about we can help you to create a positive impression and a warm office environment.

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