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Strip and Wax Errors

Waxing hardwood or linoleum floors can significantly extend their lifespan, as well as bring out their natural luster. Unfortunately, wax can build up over time, causing floors to appear dingy and unattractive. If this happens, it may be necessary to strip away the wax layer and apply a fresh coating in order to restore the elegant appearance of a finely waxed floor. While this is not a difficult procedure, impatient or unskilled work can lead to problems later on.

If you or someone you know has waxed floors which have begun to lose their sheen, a professional floor waxing service may be able to meet your needs. Contact the Arlington floor care specialists of WOW Total Cleaning today at 817-239-9441 to learn more about the benefits of strip and wax services.

Common Strip and Wax Errors

Because of the time and effort involved in performing a successful strip and wax operation, most individuals choose to hire a professional service to perform the task. Unfortunately, a number of problems with strip and wax services are common, including:

  • Partially stripping or improperly stripping the original wax coating
  • Failing to move furniture during the waxing process
  • Leaving wax on baseboards
  • Using cheap wax products which quickly deteriorate

These common errors can leave your waxed floors looking less than their best.

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At WOW Total Cleaning, we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied with our work, so we never cut any corners. Our Arlington floor care experts can assist you with all of your strip and wax needs. Contact our offices today at 817-239-9441 to talk to a friendly service representative and schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

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