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Pets and Your Carpet

For many people, pets are indispensable companions that provide immeasurable enrichment to their owners’ lives. Unfortunately, pets are also one of the most common causes of damage to carpets and flooring. In particular, damage from a pet’s indoor accidents can be surprisingly difficult to undo.

If you or someone you know has problems with pet accidents and your flooring, a professional cleaning company may be able to help. Contact the Arlington carpet cleaning experts from WOW Total Cleaning today at 817-239-9441 to talk to one of our experienced maintenance professionals about what our services can do for you.

Cleaning Your Carpet After Pet Accidents

Many stains resulting from a pet’s bathroom accident can be removed simply and effectively without drastic measures. Among other things, some steps you can take after a pet accident include:

  • Cleaning the accident as quickly as possible to avoid stains from absorbing
  • Use an odor-neutralizer once the area is clean to prevent recurrence of the problem
  • If any stains are left over, use a carpet stain remover
  • Avoid use of steam cleaners and ammonia-based cleaning products

While these simple steps can help prevent permanent carpet damage, if the padding underneath the carpet has absorbed the odor, these measures will be ineffective. Damaged carpet padding is extremely difficult to clean and usually must be replaced.

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If you or someone you know requires professional carpet cleaning assistance to remove persistent pet stains, contact the Arlington carpet cleaning professionals of WOW Total Cleaning at 817-239-9441 today to discuss your situation with one of our experienced cleaning experts.

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