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Myths about Caring for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors impart a sense of elegance and refinement to almost any home or property. They are also one of the more expensive flooring options available. In order to avoid expensive repairs or replacements, therefore, it is important that those with hardwood floors understand the best ways to care for them. Unfortunately, several common myths and misconceptions about hardwood floor care exist that may mislead some people about the best ways to maintain hardwood floors. This article is meant to correct some of these myths.

  • Myth: My floors have a “no wax finish,” so they don’t need any maintenance.
  • Fact: Regardless of the type of finish on a floor, occasional maintenance is still necessary to keep floors clean and scratch-free. Furthermore, most finishes require recoating every five to ten years in order to continue repelling water effectively.
  • Myth: If my floors change color, it’s a sign of defective wood or finish.
  • Fact: It is natural for the color of hardwood floors to mature over time. Furthermore, sunlight exposure may cause wood to fade. This effect can be prevented somewhat by keeping windows covered with shades or curtains.
  • Myth: Damp mopping is the best way to clean hardwood floors.
  • Fact: Moisture exposure is a significant problem for hardwood floors and should be avoided. Instead, dry mopping should be used to keep hardwood floors clean and looking their best.

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